Deyane Moses is an artist, activist, and archivist. For more than 8 years, she traveled the world as a Soldier and International Broadcast Journalist for the Department of Defense. She reported daily and archived hundreds of military operations. The experience proved invaluable because it lead Deyane to see life as art. Today, Ms. Moses archives her life outside of the military and the communities around her in an effort to shape visual consciousness.

She enjoys exploring the past because it allows her to understand and value the present. Ms. Moses is currently researching and documenting the history of her university, it’s student population, and geographic location. She enjoys revealing historical nuances through the imagery and juxtaposition. Ms. Moses has recently stepped in front of the camera to create a personal long-term project documenting her life as a disabled veteran.

Deyane has an Associate of Science Degree from Pensacola State College. She is currently studying Photography with a concentration in Curatorial Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art with an anticipated graduation date of May 2019. Her artwork has won numerous awards and been exhibited in numerous galleries including the Ogden Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Upon graduation, Deyane intends to pursue a career in curatorial work, collection management, or digital preservation; while pursuing long-term personal photographic projects in her freetime. To unwind, Deyane likes to listen to lofi hip hop radio on Youtube and play soccer with her dog.